Season 7 Winners!

Project Dorm Room Season 7 has now drawn to a close, and I am ecstatic to announce all of the winners! I want to thank everyone who entered the contest and shared their beautiful spaces with us. I also want to thank all of the students, staff, and faculty who took the time to vote. I can only hope that you enjoyed being a part of this process as much I do every year.

Without further ado, here are this year’s Best in Dorm winners:|

Batten House: Rebecca Cook ’15
Brecon: Alisha Clark ’18 and Olivia Porte ’18
Denbigh: Abigail Ackerman ’17 and Emily Barksdale ’17
Erdman: Camilla Dornquast ’18, Claire Billington ’18, and Emmeline Douglas-Mann ’18
Merion: Eileen Morgan ’15
Overbrook Apartments: Jacqueline Slaby ’15
Pembroke East: Kailina Mastroianni ’15
Pembroke West: Syona Arora ’15
Perry House: Haley Humphus ’17
Radnor: Grace Garrett ’18 and Catherine Rowen ’18
Rhoads North: Kelsey Rall ’17
Rhoads South: Lauren Morse ’16
Rockefeller: Alyssa Young ’15 and Sula Malina ’17

And this year’s Best of Bryn Mawr Grand Prize Winner:
Batten House: Rebecca Cook ’15

10% Dorm Participation: Perry House


Congratulations to all!!

Project Dorm Room will return for yet another season!

It’s time to start thinking about Project Dorm Room, because it’s right around the corner!

I know what you’re thinking–you’ve been waiting your whole life for this opportunity.
Well, it’s finally here. You’re welcome.

The entry form will open on October 29th at 9am and will close on November 7th at 9am. Make sure you carve some time out that week to take fabulous photos and enter!

Winners announced!!!

The Fall 2013 Project Dorm Room Winners are out! We had a record number of submissions this year and are very excited about the spaces students shared with us. We hope that everyone enjoyed being a part of this process, whether as a participant, a voter, or both! Thank you for making Project Dorm Room a success.

All of our winning room designs are full of personality and creativity. Here are our winners:|

Batten (Room 100): Megan Thomson-Connor ’14
Brecon (Room 215): Abigail Ackerman ’17 and Emily Barksdale ’17
Denbigh (Room 208): Hannah Winkler ’15 and Mattie Wechsler ’14
Erdman (Room 202): Brenna Levitin ’16
Haverford College Apartments (808 1C): Zhen Xu ’15 and Chunan Liu ’14
Merion (Room 303): Anne Claire Grammer ’16
Overbrook Apartments: Dede Buckman ’14
Pem East (Room 202): Betrice Yambrach ’14
Pem West (Room 115): Isabel Andrews ’14
Radnor (Room 315): Oly Brookhart ’15
Rhoads North (Room 254): Laura Silla ’14
Rhoads South (Room 302): Marisa Arellano ’16
Rock (Room 122): Elaine Holehan ’16 and Olivia Hollinger ’16

Our Best of Bryn Mawr GRAND PRIZE WINNERS:
Hannah Winkler ’15 and Mattie Wechsler ’14 from Denbigh 208!

We had 2 dorms with at least 10% participation: Pem East and Batten. We randomly drew one of them out of a hat to receive $75 in their dorm budget for programming and teas. Batten is the winner!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

The entry form has closed!! I hope everyone interested in entering was able to get their entry submitted! For the next few days, I will be putting together the ballot for the first round of voting! If you have questions, you can still email me at

Congratulations to all of our winners of PDR 2013!!


Best in Dorm

Batten: Megan Thomson-Connor (Rm. 103)

Brecon: Danica Cotov (Rm. 201)

Denbigh: Tianyuan Zhang (Rm. 319)

Erdman: Shannon Stussy (Rm. A101)

Haffner: Rae Hamilton (Rm. 225)

Merion: Laura James (Rm. 113)

Pembroke East: Kayla Bixler, Claire Johnson, Abby Johnson, & Veronica Roux (Rm. 110)

Pembroke West: Natalie Zamora (Rm. 222)

Radnor: Oly Brookhart (Rm. 221)

Rhoads North: Betrice Yambrach (Rm. 59)

Rhoads South: Marianne Wald (Rm. 116)

Rockefeller: Grace Dewey (Rm. 317)


Best of Bryn Mawr (Grand Prize Winner!)

Rae Hamilton (Haffner 225)

You thought it would never happen. You began to wonder if anyone would get to see the beauty that is your dorm room. When the newspaper wouldn’t publish the pic you sent, you were close to hopelessness.

But wait, DO NOT DESPAIR, MY FRIEND!  Project Dorm Room is back and WE want your pic! We’re better than the newspaper, anyway.

Season 5 of Project Dorm Room starts the first day of Spring Semester. The form opens January 22nd at 9AM!  Submit a picture of your space to the Office of Residential Life, and enter to win prizes like room draw priority numbers, garden party spots, and MUCH MUCH more!